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How to Draw Dragons is the easy step-by-step guide to drawing some dastardly and delightful dragons!

how to draw dragons

Discover how to draw a Golden Dragon, 3 Headed Dragon, Dino Dragon, Bumble Dragon, Skeleton Dragon, Venom Dragon, Oriental Dragon, Lava Dragon, Recycled Dragon, Storm Dragon, Sea Serpent, Love Dragon, Crazy Dragon and a Dragon Egg. You will also learn to draw a knight, princess and a castle.

DD pages

DD pages

DD pages

How to Create Pie-Rats is an easy step-by-step guide for students on drawing characters from The Stroogle Sails the Seven Seas.

How to Create Pie Rats

In this book you will learn how to draw the Pie-Rat crew, including Captain Black Rat, Pencil Leg Pete, Fish Eye Fred, Hook Hand Horace and Smudge. You can also create Pie-Rat ballerinas, ships, mer-mice, cannons, flags, submarines, sea horses and much more.
Shiver me timbers! It’s time to get drawing.

pie rat page

pie rat page

pie rat page

How to Create Cool Characters is a fantastic guide for students and teachers on illustrating characters for stories.

How to Create Cool Characters

The book covers many of the things Cameron discusses in his illustration workshops and was developed after requests from excited students wanting to imporve their illustration skills.

Designed for middle and upper primary ages, each section contains step by step examples, helpful hints and practical information on drawing and painting.

Sections include: drawing, using colours and texture, combining animals, people and faces, muscles and curves, exaggerating features, movement and perspective.

In this book you will learn how to create your own characters, such as unicorns, monsters, dragons, dinosaurs, mice, gnomes, fairies, warriors, mermaids, villains, superheros, robots, vehicles and of course the Stroogle!

This book links directly to the Imaginative Ilustration workshop activity and is a wonderful book for students to explore following an author visit




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